The Metro Prystai Story

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Metro Prystai Hockey Book

What People are Saying

"(Metro) couldn't have been a nicer person on the ice or off the ice"
- Emile Francis
"Metro was not only a great hockey player, but also a caring human being. He was full of humour and great fun. Frank Block captures his essence intimately in this book. We will miss Metro, but his memories will be with us forever."
- Red Kelly
"This is amazing – and listening to Dad is truly the most wonderful gift."
- Karen Levesque - Metro's daughter

The Story

This extremely talented Yorkton Saskatchewan boy left his humble beginnings to play junior hockey with the Moose Jaw Canucks in 1943. He became a sports icon in the community where they named him "Marvelous Metro". In his final season with Moose Jaw he got 32 goals and 39 assists in 22 games. In 1947 he began his NHL career with the Chicago Black Hawks. He had an incredible NHL career that included three NHL All-Star appearances and two Stanley Cups with the Detroit Red Wings including the famous 1952 Stanley Cup series.

Metro scored the game-winning goal in the 1952 Stanley Cup series between the Detroit Red Wings and the Montreal Canadians. He also got an assist on the second goal and finished things off with the third and final goal on the amazing ride which saw the Red Wings sweep the Montreal Canadians and the defending champion Toronto Maple Leafs. Not only did they sweep both teams but goaltender Terry Sawchuk didn't allow a goal on home ice. Metro says that the 1952 Detroit Red Wings was probably the best team that ever played. It's hard to argue with him.